Balloon Guide


If I bring my own Balloons in, will you inflate them?

Sorry We are unable to fill you balloons, we concentrate all our time on Making Balloon arrangements out of our own Products.


Will My Foil Balloon be inflated?

Yes prices of our Foil Balloons include

Foil Balloon



A Weight

*If for any reason you do not want your Balloon inflated on your chocsen collection or delivery date, Please inform us when ordering otherwise the Balloon will automatically be inflated* We would not be able to refund or replace the balloon if we were not notified you did not want it filled.


Is it Extra to fill a Pack of Latex Balloons with Helium?

Yes it is, Upon Purchasing Balloons please click on the drop down box on the right of the listing to add helium.

The Helium Charge will include, Helium, Ribbons, 1 Weight and arranging your balloons


How Long do Foil Balloons last?

Foil Balloons will last a few days before they deflate, these are the only type of balloons that can be ordered the day before.


How Long do Latex Balloons Last?

The Life of a standard Latex Balloon is around 8 hours and cannot be guaranteed past this time.

If you ignore recommended guidelines and purchase them the day before refund or replacement wouldn’t be given.


How Long do Confetti Balloons Last?

The average life of a confetti Balloon is around 6 Hours, and cannot be guaranteed after this.

If you ignore recommended guidelines and have them hours before the event a refund or replacement wouldn’t be given.