Do You Deliver?

Yes, We deliver 7 Days a week.

Delivery is just £2.50


How do I order?

You can Order Via Our Website

Or Download The AJs Fiestas App

Apple Users; https://apps.apple.com/us/app/ajs-fiestas/id1562305069

Android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.es2a.ajsfiestas


When will I get it?

Please put your items in the Basket, and go click check out

The go to slot picker, and select the time and date you would like.

We Offer Same Day Delivery on orders Booked by 5pm

All Slots close to new bookings an hour before start of Slot, For example to get in the 10am to 12pm slot order by 9am.


You can also pick any Slot up to 90 days in advance (This is a great way to ensuring your items are reserved before the Event)


Will I have to wait in all Day?

No, we offer two hours slots that you are able to pick at time of check out.

As It's a short time, we do need people to be in as we only have a small team having to return to the same property is likely to impact on getting all orders out on time, meaning if your not home you may have to wait until all the delivery's are done for us to return so it does not impact on anyone else's Delivery time.


Do You Deliver to Party Venues, Work Places, etc?

Yes, when ordering please put the address in the Delivery Details Box.

For Venues – Please put time of Booking and Name the Booking has been made in so it can be matched upon Delivering to restaurants and Party Venues.

For Work Places – Please ensure we have name of person who this going to, so were able to tell the receptionist at time of drop off

Do You Offer Set up at The Venue?

No We are not able to offer this service as more often than not the Tables are not set up far enough in advance for us to do this.

All Our Balloons are on weights and inside balloon bags so it is just a quick task of taking them out of the bag and putting them on the table or floor.


I Need a Delivery at a Different time to your slots, Can This be Done?

We always try to accommodate where possible, please contact us first with your order details, Time and Date.


I Need an out of Hours Delivery of Balloons, can you do this?

We often can do this, please message us with time date and details first for advanced bookings only.

It's unlikely if you contact after we closed for us to go back that night and make balloons and deliver them that evening that we will be able to.


 Will you reserve items for me if I message you?

We are sorry as we are a small company with limited stock we are not able to Reserve items without Payment.

Please bear this is mind we often get messaged a shopping list and then the person goes offline for days, in these circumstances the items wouldn't of been reserved.


I want to send a Gift, Balloon or Card to Someone else can this be done?

Of course please your details in billing and the recipients address in the Delivery. If you wish to write in a gift card or Gift Bag you have purchased, please make sure you state what you would like written.



If I bring my own Balloons in, will you inflate them?

Sorry We are unable to fill you balloons, we concentrate all our time on Making Balloon arrangements out of our own Products.


Will My Foil Balloon be inflated?

Yes prices of our Foil Balloons include

Foil Balloon



A Weight

*If for any reason you do not want your Balloon inflated on your chosen delivery date, Please inform us when ordering otherwise the Balloon will automatically be inflated* We would not be able to refund or replace the balloon if we were not notified you did not want it inflated.


How Long do Foil Balloons last?

Foil Balloons will last 1 to 2 days before they start to deflate, these are the only type of balloons that can be ordered the day before.


How Long do Latex Balloons Last?

The Life of a standard Latex Balloon is 6 to 8 hours and cannot be guaranteed past this time.

We are not able to refund or replace balloons if ordered outside this time frame, for example delivery requested the for the day before event.


How Long do Confetti Balloons Last?

The average life of a confetti Balloon is around 6 Hours, and cannot be guaranteed after this.

We are not able to refund or replace balloons if ordered outside this time frame, for example delivery requested by 10am for an Event taking place at 8pm


Pre Order

How Do I Pre Order?

You can now order as normal via the website

How Long Will it take?

All items are different so check the listing or ask us by using the chat button, but as a general guide the majority of items need 20 days notice.

Can I have it sooner than stated?

It is unlikely, but please ask before purchasing so we can check shipping schedules. Please note once booked it is unlikely we would be able to change the date to an earlier date.

I want to Purchase some items for now and some pre order how do I this?

You can make two separate orders or contact us to do it for you, please use chat button to contact.

We have had to put blocks on the website to stop people ordering products that say 20 days notice and expecting it to arrive today. If the website will not let you check out for same day, next day its due to having a pre order item in your basket.


I need to Postpone what do I do?

Please Give us 24 Hours notice to Guarantee. Your Balloons are not inflated and can be moved to a new date.

Once Balloons are inflated we are not able to refund or replace them if were not made aware in time.

That being said we do not want to inflate your balloons if there no longer needed that day so even if its past 24 hours contact us, if we have not started on your balloons yet then we will NOT inflate them. Bear in mind that we sometimes have to start early in the morning, if you find out late at night it is not going ahead email us at ajsfiestas@gmail.com and we will see it in the morning.


 If You Have any questions please click the chat box and leave us a message with all the details.